The Process

I have my loved ones to credit for giving me back my drive to chase my dreams. 

Kevin put a not so unique challenge in front of the family. Practice for 30 straight days without deviation, and record the practice. For me, this took some time to get used to. I'm used to going periods where I hardly practice at all, and then getting inspired and practicing all day for days straight. The first two weeks were challenging and rewarding. I went back to the basic methods with my bass and polished up my technique. It's when I hit the third, and the the fourth week that I started to get frustrated. When your inspiration runs dry that it gets hard to keep pushing forward. In those moments, it becomes imperative to trust the process. 

Simply stated, the process is the routine and dedication needed to make a healthy and functional musician or artist of any medium. You put in your time and effort, and you trust that at the end of all your hard work and effort you get paid. The process is learning 50-sum new songs for bands you haven't even played for, just for self-betterment. I'm fortunate to find peace in my process now. It's humbling to sit down at my studio desk every morning with my coffee and dig into my daily warm ups before I jump into music new and old. 

It may not be terribly philosophical, but there's energy in the process. I trust it to bring me new successes in Nashville. I send that energy and trust out into the world so that I can reap the benefits.

New things incoming. Stay tuned.

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